HR Labs Defib Pre-Workout 460g

by HR Labs

HR Labs Defib redefines the pre-workout category.  A bold statement for sure but one that we feel is entirely justified.  We’ve taken a multi-faceted, synergistic approach to the pre-workout conundrum and cracked the code!

In a category littered with thoughtless, dated formulations, cheap underdosed and ineffective products take up way too much shelf space.  But thankfully, we ain’t all in it for the money!  A few brands do it right and do it well and we like to consider ourselves to be one of them.  HR Labs Defib pre-workout was designed by people that train, for people that train.  We only formulate products that we are excited to use ourselves!

HR Labs Defib research driven formula utilises high doses of effective ingredients, is fully transparent and highly effective.  Below is a highlight of just some of the ingredients and a brief insight as to why we feel they are integral.

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