Chaos Crew Shredz 260g


The bright and colourful UK company Chaos Crew, has completely unveiled another competitor for the weight loss category that is separate from its capsule formula, Chaos Cutz. The upcoming product is Chaos Shredz, which just like Chaos Cutz, is built to help burn fat, but with a different set of ingredients and it’s flavoured.

Chaos Crew has packed Chaos Shredz with a relatively wide variety of ingredients, including a strong mix of stimulants to ensure you get a good amount of energy out of this one. A couple of those energy enhancing ingredients in Shredz are caffeine at a reasonable 250mg per serving, and 150mg of the stimulant eria jarensis.

You can see the full combination of features Chaos Crew has put into Chaos Shredz in the facts panel above with other highlights such as 25mg of GBB and a gram of choline bitartrate. The entire formula intends to enhance mood, suppress appetite, increase energy as mentioned, and support overall weight loss.

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