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Chemical Warfare NITRO PUMP™

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Flavour: Blue Raspberry

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Nitro Pump is a leading non-stim pre workout/ pump / focus / energy formula.

Engineered by our experts specifically to maximise vacillation of blood vessels this product also contains numerous other advantages compared to others on the market. It will provide you with laser like focus, something that is needed before and during any workout to maximise you results. It will also give you energy for your workout but with the stimulant ingredients, perfect for a session late on in the evening where you will be hitting the sack not long after.

The high levels of L-Citrulline, NitroRocket® and Pomegranate included in this product may assist in prolonged vacillation of blood vessels leading to a superior ‘pump’ as large volumes of the nutrient rich blood are delivered to the muscles. Astragin® has been included to increase nutrient absorption of these ingredients and to maximise their potential upload. Energy improving ingredients such as Betaine Anhydrous and Rhodiola Rosea are the perfect non stim ingredients included, that will increase performance and endurance levels.

Unlike other Non-Stim Pre-Workout/ Pump products we have added 200mg of Alpha GPC, a well-researched ingredient that rapidly delivers choline to the brain across the blood brain barrier thus improving sports performance, increase strength and stimulate the release of growth hormone. Alongside this we have added Black Pepper Extract that may improve dopamine and serotonin levels and DMAE an ingredient that is thought to increase production of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that’s crucial for helping nerve cells send signals.

The new and improved Nitro Pump™ formula and '2020' design. Now in 2 tasty flavours; Blue Raspberry and Tutti Fruity. 

NITROPUMP™ engineered by our experts specifically to ensure that our warriors completely conquer their chosen battlefield and leave unscathed ready to enter the next battle (workout) as quickly as possible.

Intense physical exercise causes oxidative stress leading to the production of damaging free radicals. Human muscle cells require increased amounts of nutrients and oxygen during the workout phase. If inadequate free radical production increases significantly, waste accumulates which limits the duration, intensity and ultimately the effectiveness of the workout.

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