MaxxMuscle Tactical Whey 1.75kg

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Tactical Whey drives a superior blend of whey concentrate, isolate & hydrolysates directly into muscle cells. Fortified with an additional gram of glutamine, combined with a revolutionary anti-inflammatory and joint complex from MSM and Cavacurmin® to safeguard your joints from strenuous workouts.


Who’s it for: Any athlete looking to increase their overall daily protein intake can benefit from consuming Tactical Whey. Bodybuilders who also have a history of joint and inflammatory issues can benefit from supplementing with MSM and Cavacurmin®.


Expected Results: 1-2 servings daily allows most bodybuilders to reach required levels of protein intake to build/maintain muscle, and prevent catabolism, in addition to strengthening performance and recovery from exercise.


Key Ingredients: MSM and Cavacurmin® help to manage inflammation levels, support joint and tendon repair and enhance recovery from gruelling training sessions.

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