Sport Asylum Nutrition Amino Surge 390g

SKU 642968103920

Amino surge is SA Nutritions formula of a Amino energy product. Amino energy products are becoming one of the best selling products on the market for all brands as many people love the energy kick and also they are getting there aminos. Amino surge is a step above your standard amino energy product. Amino surge contains EAAS, Green Tea, L-carnitine and much more making it one of the most complete amino energy products on the market. Amino surge comes in 3 stunning flavours blue raz, juicy apple and sour gummy bear. Amino surge is is also sugar free making it a great guilt free treat. Love your morning coffee? Well Amino surge could be the perfect replacement, giving you that much needed kick in the morning and also all fuelling your body with EAAS and all the other great ingredients in our product. Join the asylum revolution !

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