Sport Asylum Nutrition Lobotomized 300g

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Lobotomized is like no other product on the market. Lobotomized can be used whether you are on a weight loss journey or prepping for a show or even if you just generally have trouble sleeping.

Lobotomized is a sleep aid and a weight loss product. Lobotomized can help you lose weight whilst you sleep with your mind is at rest. Lobotomized contains real doses of well known weight loss ingredients like raspberry ketones and Green Tea, it also contains Dandilion root extract which has properties like a diuretic.

Lobotomized is fast becoming a must buy product for many of our customers. Lobotomized also helps you get a good nights sleep! If you are stuggling to sleep then Lobotomized really is for you ! Containing some of the best known ingredients like valerian root and mucuna pruriens.

In higher dosages Lobotomized can help you have the best nights sleep you have ever had. SA Nutrition only produce the best products with real dosages and Grade A formulation!

Lobotomized is no exception it comes in a massive 40 serving tub. Lobotmized also comes in two flavours Blue Raz and Apple and Mango with a big 7.5g serving size. This product really does do the business! Joing the Asylum Revolution!

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