Mutant Mass 2.27kg

by Mutant
SKU 0627933026695

Leave Humanity Behind!TM MC (black wordmark) THE ORIGINAL... JUST GOT BETTER MUTANT MASS has delivered millions and millions of servings since 2005 to our loyal iron followers in over 100 countries. Designed for the strong and the humongous, MUTANT MASS is constantly being discovered by new hardcore and dedicated athletes of all types who seek the best. MUTANT MASS is dedicated to providing a fierce blend of clean food-based, nutrient-dense ingredients. Our ongoing research and testing on some of the most massive MUTANTs on the planet leads to what you now hold in your hands ‰ÛÒ our greatest ‰Û÷#1 Original Big Bag' creation yet. It is who we are. WE ARE MUTANT. JOIN US.

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