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Wolf Supplements Wolf Juice Pre Workout

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Wolf Juice started as an idea and grew into something really special. My goal was to create a properly dosed pre-workout supplement that stands out against the crowd. Many companies avoid using researched doses because it drives their costs too high. I don’t feel this is right. Making products that actually work and are backed by science is my highest priority.

Now, for the ingredients. In this Pre-Workout we’ve included a whopping 4000mg’s of L-Citrulline and 1670mg of L-citrulline nitrate. Many companies go as low as 500mg’s of L-Citrulline per serving, this simply isn’t enough to see the benefits of this amazing ingredient. The doses we’ve included line up with the current scientific literature. So what do these ingredients do? Well, in gym terms, they give you an insane muscle pump. L-citrulline also helps athletes work harder, lift weights longer and has been shown to increase bike endurance significantly. So what about the L-citrulline nitrate? The nitrate component gives an added edge with increased blood flow. Nitrates are polyatomic ions that can be found in vegetables. They help the body to increase energy efficiency which also increases the amount of time training until fatigue kicks in. The nitrate component also helps to relax blood vessels, making them more flexible. This ingredient isn’t found in many, if any other pre-workout supplements. Why? It’s extremely expensive! But, it’s most definitely worth it. The pumps you get are insane!

I’ve also included a hefty serving of Beta-Alanine. With 3000mg this pre-workout is sure to get your blood flowing.

Sodium has also been added. Salt in the diet helps a tonne with muscle pumps and contractions!

As well as these we’ve included hefty servings of caffeine and creatine monohydrate!

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